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A Georgetown DC day spa that offers the latest in European skincare, nail art, airbrush tan, massage therapy, lash and brow styling, and hair removal.


Professional skincare treatments designed to clarify skin, reverse damage, and enhance your skin's texture and tone. Each service includes a skin analysis to customize treatment to your unique needs.
Signature Facial60 Minutes$170.00+
Anti-Aging Facial60 Minutes$170.00+
Guinot Extraction Facial60 Minutes$170.00+
Classic Facial with Aromatics60 Minutes$170.00+
Teen Facial60 Minutes$155.00+
Back Facial (Bacial)$175.00+
Men’s Signature Facial60 Minutes$170.00+
Facial Add-Ons: 
  Lip Treatment$50.00+
  Eye Treatment$50.00+
  Décolleté Treatment$50.00+
  LED Light Therapy$50.00+
  Enzyme Treatment$50.00+
  Glycolic Acid Treatment$50.00+


Our medical-grade peels are exclusively offered by certified aestheticians and deliver powerhouse results without the use of synthetic chemicals. Perfect for scars, sun damage, wrinkles, blemishes, sebum cysts, and hyperpigmentation.
Dr Schrammek GREEN PEEL® ( 2 sessions )
Includes: 1st treatment, after-care products, and 2nd treatment 5 days later.
Mini GREEN PEEL®$175.00+


Our nail bar offers a wide variety of traditional and cutting-edge nail techniques, including the coveted Dazzle Dry system, Russian Gel Manicures, and dry pedicures, as well as traditional manicures and pedicures.
Signature Manicure$30.00+
Signature Pedicure$50.00+
Deluxe Spa Manicure$50.00+
Deluxe Spa Pedicure$70.00+
Russian Gel Manicure$110.00+
Russian Pedicure$115.00+
French Manicure$40.00+
French Pedicure$65.00+
Gel Manicure$50.00+
Gel Pedicure$70.00+
Dazzle Dry Manicure$40.00+
Dazzle Dry Pedicure$60.00+
Kid’s Manicure$20.00+
Kid’s Pedicure$25.00+
Nail Add-Ons: 
  Nail Buff$10.00+
  Gel Soak Off$15.00+
  Broken Nail Treatment$30.00+
  Acrylic Removal$50.00+
  Dazzle Dry Polish$10.00+


Step into deep relaxation when you choose from one of our many therapeutic massages. Expect a personalized consultation to customize each massage to your unique needs.
Swedish Massage 
  60 Minutes$140.00+
  90 Minutes$190.00+
Deep Tissue Sports Massage 
  60 Minutes$155.00+
  90 Minutes$200.00+
Reflexology Massage 
  30 Minutes$75.00+
  60 Minutes$125.00+
Rejuvenating Massage
  60 Minutes$125.00+
Prenatal Massage
  60 Minutes$125.00+
Massage Add-Ons: 
  Hot Stone$25.00+
  LED Light Therapy$50.00+


From natural to full glam, our lash services include a range of services designed to enhance your natural features. Choose from a menu of extensions as well as lash tints and perms.
Eyelash Extensions 
  Natural Set$200.00+
  Natural Halfset$190.00+
  Classic Set$300.00+
  Hybrid Set$345.00+
  Volume Set$400.00+
Outside Classic Fill$170.00+
Outside Hybrid Fill$220.00+
Outside Volume Fill$275.00+
Lash Lift (Perm)$110.00+
Lash Tint$35.00+
Bottom Lash Tint$25.00+
Lash Lift and Tint$125.00+
Brow Tint$35.00+
Brow Lamination$65.00+
Browing Mapping + Shaping$85.00+

Lash Refills:

From natural to full glam, our lash services include a range of services designed to enhance your natural features. Choose from a menu of extensions as well as lash tints and perms.
Classic Refills: 
  1 Week Fill$100.00+
  2 Week Fill$130.00+
  3 Week Fill$160.00+
  4 Week Fill$190.00+
Hybrid Refills: 
  1 Week Fill$130.00+
  2 Week Fill$160.00+
  3 Week Fill$220.00+
  4 Week Fill$290.00+
Volume Refills: 
  1 Week Fill$160.00+
  2 Week Fill$200.00+
  3 Week Fill$275.00+
  4 Week Fill$350.00+

Brow Styling:

Perfect your brow shape and color with professional brow styling to best compliment your face shape and skin tone.
Brow Shaping 
  New Client$75.00+
  Follow Up (maintenance)$55.00+
Brow Tint$35.00+
Brow Shaping and Tint 
  New Client$110.00+
  Follow Up (maintenance)$75.00+
Permanent Makeup – Soft Ombre: 
  First Appointment$850.00+
Hybrid Stain Dye – Henna Brows$110.00+

Hair Removal:

Designed for sensitive skin, all-natural honey-based wax gently removes unwanted hair from head to toe while leaving skin sleek and smooth.
Half Arm$40.00+
Full Arm$55.00+
Half Leg$55.00+
Full Leg$75.00+
Gentleman’s Chest$70.00+
Gentleman’s Back 
Gentleman’s Shoulders$40.00+

Airbrush Tan:

We proudly use Allure's Best of Beauty winner, The Chocolate Sun, for our customizable airbrush tanning services. The organic, plant-based solution is skincare first, leaving skin radiant and deeply moisturized.
Full Body$60.00+
Upper Body$40.00+
Lower Body$30.00+

Makeup Artistry:

Perfect for wedding and event looks, our artists use professional makeup and tools to sculpt and highlight your natural features while providing the right amount of coverage to be camera-ready.
Makeup Applications$175.00+
Makeup Lesson