Massage Services

Signature Spa Service – The quintessential spa treatment. A warm, nourishing full-body massage, a rejuvenating facial and foot reflexology,

for complete head-to-toe relaxation and balance.

90 minutes – $215

Swedish Massage – A classic stress-relieving, light-to medium pressure technique using sweeping strokes

and kneading to promote circulation and an overall sense of well-being.

60 minutes – $125

90 minutes – $175

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage – Slow, deep pressure, circular movements and kneading

targeting stressed muscles to release tension and alleviate pain.

60 minutes – $145

90 minutes – $195

Reflexology – Specialized pressure techniques are applied to specific wellness-related reflex points

On the feet to release blocked energy, relieve stress and boost circulation.

30 minutes – $75

60 minutes – $125

Rejuvenating – Nourishing Lime and Ginger Salt Glow applied in circular motions with a focus on trouble spots to stimulate circulation,

and reduce toxins and the appearance of cellulite. An overall focus on a detox regimen can cleanse the body for a healthier look and feel.

60 minutes – $125

Prenatal – Relaxing for both mom-to-be and baby. This customized service relieves muscle aches and joint pain,

helps reduce swelling and deeply nourishes skin.

60 minutes – $125

Additional Options

Aromatherapy – $10

Hot Stone – $25