Treating natural, textured hair with care and integrity in Washington DC.

Our team specializes in cutting techniques designed for texturized hair, using specific angles and shears to sculpt curls into a cohesive look that celebrates natural patterns.

Our styling services also take your uniquely natural hair into account, resulting in blowouts, curl setting, and straightening that last weeks at a time with proper care and maintenance.

DevaCurl Method – The DevaCut:$145 – $165

This method of curl cutting is based on how curls and waves lie naturally when dry. We cut hair dry, curl by curl, to sculpt each curl and avoid disrupting the curl pattern. Once curls are sculpted, we shampoo and condition hair with professional sulfate-free products. Hair can be diffused by your stylist or air-dried based on your preference.

The DevaCut is ideal for wash-and-go styles.